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4 Ultimate ways to apply for jobs in Germany

As everyone needs a job to survive and live a better life. Applying for jobs in Germany or anywhere is not really difficult. But, if you don’t apply in the right way your resume can end up in a trash bin. And if you think there is only one way to apply on job portals, then you might be wrong. To get the job, you need to crack the interview when there is a huge competition in Germany. For that, you need to follow certain principles, process, and keep huge efforts to stand out as unique in the competition.

I consolidated the best ways to apply for jobs in Germany and what you need to follow before applying, let’s go through them below.

Applying through Job Portals:

Find below the list of Job portals and create a good profile as a first step. Follow the priority below to apply for jobs, also subscribe for new job alerts

  • LinkedIn (Gives access direct contact to employers and fast feedback)
  • stepstone.de
  • indeed.de
  • glassdoor
  • xing
  • StackOverflow (IT)
  • talent.io (IT)
  • honeypot.io (IT)

Remember, for every company you apply, prepare a new cover letter as per role and requirements. All employers will get 100s of applications with the same content in the CV and cover letter. So, why they need to consider your application? Just ask for yourself. Before going to apply, study about the company and add a few points about what is great and what can you make better. This will be a chance to pick your application at first. Once you applied for all the jobs in all job portals. Go to the below sites and look for jobs.

  • Meinstadt – Lot of companies are not willing to pay for stepstone or other paid job portals to post a job ad. So few companies prefer this (You can find all types of jobs)

Applying directly in the company portal

The second way is to apply for jobs in Germany is directly on the company portal which is also the best method and less competition compared to other ways. Mostly, no one tries this method and thus results in fewer job applicants to the job position. Check below ways to find companies

  • Some companies don’t post job ads in any portals. In that case, you need to search the companies directly based on location. Go to google maps and search by location-based and check for the companies and their websites. I am sure, you will find some jobs which are not available anywhere on job portals
  • Mobile apps (Playstore/App store) – IT is booming and Germany is moving to digital in a lot of areas. Go to the play store or app store and look for new apps. They are not just apps, they are new startup companies. Just see the company name and go to their career portal to look for jobs.

Job/Tech Fair to apply jobs in Germany:

Job/Tech fair is referred commonly as a career fair or career expo, which is speed dating for companies and professionals job seekers. A job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees.

Many job seekers tend to overlook job fairs as they may be viewed as crowded, competitive, and confusing, considering there are so many recruiters. But, there are many benefits

  • Attending the Job/Tech fairs is a good experience, with a little investment you can learn about a lot of companies.
  • There is a good chance you may even land a job
  • Opportunity to contact many potential employers in one place
  • You can meet and share ideas with fellow job seekers and build professional contacts.

You can check here some events happening in Germany

Jobs via Social Media Network:

Today, social media isn’t just used to keep in contact with our social network yet it has likewise become an essential tool for sourcing and recruiting the best candidates. In fact, more than 90% of recruiters use social networking platforms to find, recruit, and retain ideal employees. Find below some tips to find jobs in Germany:

  • After applying for many jobs and you are still not able to get the interview calls, try premium membership in LinkedIn and xing. Also, revisit your resume and skills.
  • Contact all your friends and ask for a referral
  • Grow your network on LinkedIn and connect with all HR recruiters. And post that, you are looking for a job on your profile (This is also the best method, HR will contact you directly by seeing your post)
  • Nowadays, you can also look for jobs on Facebook. Use the search option and find the jobs

Coming up:

The next article will be step by step by guide to finding companies list as per city and industry-based so that you can apply for jobs in Germany directly on the company portal. Subscribe below to get notified

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